Daily Operation

You Were Just Searching for a Rocking Horse…

I’m sorry I’ve been so distant lately. Busy getting ready for this birthday party, finishing touches on the video before we rip out DVDs, watching Mickey Mouse Club House (which is so very gangsta) and trying to get back on a running schedule of four outings a week. That’s not to mention dropping elbows on anything in my way, watching with one eye as the Boston Red Sox all get hurt (Adrian Gonzalez’s neck, Youkilis’ back, Buckholz’s arm, Ortiz’s heel…meanwhile one article discusses Ellsbury’s trade value…wait, the Sox were whooping the ass of every team in the league just six days ago, now the sky’s falling?), trying to keep two beagles out of trouble, compiling the fifty greatest funk recordings ever (The Funkiest Fifty at IKnowYouGotSole…beginning September 12th), doing a bible study on the book of Daniel and, oh yeah, putting food on the table with a paying gig.

But I’m sorry. I’ve failed you. Sporadic posting is not my style and you should expect better of Raising Elle. So, for now, I leave you with the above image promising more…better…more better.

And I love you. Each in a different and special way.


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