Daily Operation

Watch for the Grabbie

Perhaps you’ve dealt with this one. If not, get ready for it.

When you’re changing your baby’s dirty diaper and she’s belly up on the changing table with the dirty diaper pulled back about to be removed, Ellison employs the Grabbie which is, in our case, almost always the left hand going down past the waistline to either touch her own dirty area down low or, even worse, grabs a corner or the sticky tape on the dirty diaper and tugs the diaper upward smearing its contents against herself, your panicky hand which is now playing tug-of-war with a dirty diaper, the changing table or her outfit…or all four.

Watch for the Grabbie. It comes with cat-like quickness and features a flytrap death grip which has to be pulled away one finger at a time. If the Grabbie gets ahold of that diaper, act fast and neutralize the threat quickly. I liken it to same quickness that a SWAT team uses to neutralize a gun-welding suspect. Don’t let that diaper become mobile or allow it to be used against you.

As a parent, you play a number of games with your child like peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake. The Grabbie is possibly the first game that Ellison has played with me where she possibly recognizes daddy as her opponent, where she grins at you subtly before the game’s commencement as if to be non-verbally issuing ou the challenge. The faster hand wins. It’s like drawing your pistol. If you’re last, you’re dead. It’s a game that, as a parent, requires unparalleled quickness. You have to pull that diaper back, wipe down the nether regions, position the new diaper, administer any necessary ointment or powders and then lock up new clear diaper all in one motion like roping a calf. If you give Ellison a chance to use the Grabbie, she’ll eat your lunch with it.

Now, take a look at this beautiful family photo and the East Texas glare on daddy’s forehead.





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