Girls are Cool

Girls are Cool…Here’s My Forty-Sixth Reason Why

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

This week at the College World Series in Omaha, Erin Andrews from ESPN was down on the field waiting on some interviews when some male fans (of all ages, mind you) heckle and hassle Erin in hopes to get an autograph. The video goes on until the 2:45 mark when a 12 year-old yells out six words that he’ll never get back and then he gets housed by Erin. When repeated attempts to get Erin’s attention go unrewarded, the 12 year old (to the amusement of his heckling brethren) calls out to Erin with, “I’m gonna go watch your video!” The comment is in reference to a compromising and embarrassing “peephole” video of Erin filmed by a psycho fan (also a guy, no surprise there) and then posted on the internet. Erin then beelines over to her in the heckler and drops on him in classic you-wanted-my-attention-well-now-you-got-it fashion. Let’s go to the tape.

The remarkable thing about this tape, however, is not that Erin Andrews confronted the kid (even though, I must note that her move was so very gully…she hears it, identifies the perpetrator, walks directly over to the group, singles out the kiddo, drops a “man enough” on him and then walks away). Nope, it’s not the confrontation. It’s that the kid made the comment. I’ve made mention to it before on here. Things certainly change when you have a daughter of your own. As a guy, you’re privy to the catcalling and commentary of men when they get together about women. You hear it. You see it. It’s something that many men, try as they may, simply can’t stop doing. This video is a striking commentary on how socially accepted it is in a pack of men. Here you have not just the 12 year-old participating. There’s multiple voices on this video all giggling and googling over Erin Andrews. In fact, the guy filming is talking about other people on the field, but you notice that his phone is focused on one person only…Erin. Girls are cool because, while I know that girls get boy crazy (I’m naive, but not that naive), the brash and the disrespectful is reserved for the boys. They’re overwhelmingly the majority when it comes to stooping to the lowest level to get a girl’s attention. And, like in this video, the bigger the game, the higher the stakes. The higher the stakes, the more desperate the methods. The more desperate the methods, the more embarrassing the episode. Yeah, I’m glad this kid got a sonned by Erin Andrews, but I wish the cat filming did too. He’s just as much at fault and I have little doubt that if the kid didn’t say it, the older fella filming would’ve.

He’s just lucky that the kid took the fall so that he could then laugh at him like, “Dude, I would’ve never said that. C’mon, that’s outta line.” Like standing there and filming her like a stalker isn’t. Guys have very little held back in reserve when it comes to the pursuit of their female counterparts. They use everything. And, often, they go where they shouldn’t just to harm, berate, degrade or injure their prey making it easier to devour them. Why that kid thought going there was a good idea is the million-dollar question. What reaction did he think this would’ve received when he said it? An autograph? He went there because she wasn’t reciprocating to his advances. Yeah, classy move. Boys and girls are both capable of doing it, I know, but boys are more likely to go where you shouldn’t (with kids and families around too), get bronzed and then post it online for entertainment.

Girls are cool because they leave heckling, catcalling and embarrassing public displays of disrespect to men who practically wrote the handbook. And they don’t start the fights, they end them. Score another for the girls team.


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