Girls are Cool

Girls are Cool…Here’s My Forty-Fifth Reason Why

It’s a matter of fact…girls talk sooner than boys do…generally speaking, of course. And they speak more. They’re social beings and it’s something that I’ve learned more and more in the way my lovely wife and I relate to each other and how Ellison relates to the world around her. Girls’ astounding gifts of gab and gesturing may put them ahead of their boy counterparts in early development and socialization. Boys just wanna woo like Ric Flair and punch things into submission. In a study of children between eight and 30 months, it was determined that girls start speaking about two months earlier than boys and they develop a quicker understanding of what you’re saying than boys. At 16 months old, they can speak up to three times as many words as their wookie brothers who have formed a vocabulary of only 30 words.

Look at any photo of Ellison and you’ll see it in action. That girl’s mouth is always open and making some sort of utterance or babble. Even more awesome is that she’s already somewhat responding to commanding words like “no” and “wait” or “hold on.” She waves, smiles, mimics, points and crawls over to the piano, begins pounding on it like Jerry Lee Lewis and howls like Little Richard. She wakes up in the morning mid-sentence. She talks to the dogs. She talks to her stuffed gorilla. On the weekends, she talks more than I do, it seems.

Girls are cool because when it comes words and verbs, they’re just ahead of the curve.


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