Girls are Cool

Girls are Cool…Here’s My Forty-Third Reason Why

Girls are cool because behind every great person is a great mother. On this Mother’s Day, we honor those women who made us who we are. I would say that I’ve not always been good to my mother but she loved me always. Like that time I played an April Fools joke on her and had a co-worker call home to say he was worried because I never made it to work for my shift. That was a pretty low day for me. She loved me still. In fact, she was hoping in her car about to go search for me. I haven’t played an Aprils Fools joke since on her or anyone.

It’s easy to see the cycle in everything when you see your own lovely wife becoming a mother as I have watched our family take shape. She will be to Ellison as my mother was to me. My lovely wife’s a dynamite mother. There was a time when we thought that we didn’t want to have anything but dogs our whole lives. Part of it was just seeing how difficult it was to raise children and how completely free-spirited we were. It was a difference in lifestyles. That was quite some time ago. Now I get to watch my lovely wife turn into a lovelier mother. I would say that there’s part of me naturally that loves calling her my lovely wife, but that’s not her primary role now. She’s mother. Mama. Mommy.

She’s damned good at what she does as is my mother. And I’m so freaking blessed to have so many beautiful moms in my life: Gommy, Grandma, Kathy, Sharon. And they all work crazy hard to be great mothers. And it ain’t easy. Kids (myself included), make it hard on these women. And, despite that, they love us still with easy grace and a smile on their face.

Dad’s are different. In many ways. Around the house, I’m provider. Protector. Law enforcement. Playfriend. You can see, though, how Ellison lights up when my lovely wife’s in the room. She begins lunging out of my arms, flailing to break loose of me. I get it, Ellison, that’s how I am about her too.So here’s to all the lovely mothers who put in crazy work for us. My lovely wife, Mom, Kathy, Grandma, Sharon, Gommy. I’m convinced it’s the most difficult job in the marketplace and if you ask them, they’ll just say, “Wouldn’t trade it for the world.” Girls are cool because mothers put it down.


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