Daily Operation

Parental Advisory: The Toy Basket Turnover

Let’s face it, folks. A seven month old has the attention span of a gnat. And, when they become fixated on a certain object or toy, the tendency of a parent is to make sure that they never go anywhere without it. If the baby likes a toy lady bug, you name it, put it in every travel bag, attach it to the swing, take it to daycare, basically staple it to their outfit. Sometimes, you do this because the second their separated from it, they throw a tantrum worthy of taping and sending to a priest for examination. I’m here to tell that their favorite toy, with too much exposure, will become yesterday’s news quicker than you can say “Chi Ali” and, if that baby’s mobile like our little one, she’s gonna be making her way over to the closest light socket for a game of “yank me.”

And it might happen when you leave the room to go stir the sauce for two solitary seconds.

Take the basket and switch out half the toys weekly with different toys. Do it with randomness and have a circuit of toys. A rattler. A plush toy. A teether. Something with wheels. A block. A ball. Something inflatable. And then have a box in the closet you pull and return from. It’ll keep your baby excited, entertained and, best of all, preoccupied.


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