Girls are Cool

Girls are Cool…Here’s My Forty-Second Reason Why

Easy. Girls are cool because they can crochet. They can knit. And in the world of ever-blurring gender roles, there are boys who knit. There are men who knit. I’ve wanted to give it a stab, but even I feel powerless to the mastery exhibited by the girls in the knitting realm. Look at this knitting club for boys. Tell me they don’t live every day of their life in regret.

And it’s not that the girls took over by force. They took over with excellence. Boys don’t stand a chance.

There’s a recent development in the knitting world referred to as “yarn bombing.” While “bombing” is a term that has traditionally been reserved for graffiti artist who “bomb” or paint in the veil of secrecy and efficient execution a wall, train car or PT Cruiser, “yarn bombing” then is the street art that is executed with knitted or crocheted pieces versus spray paint. It’s a little more legal because you’re just draping or affixing something temporarily to something. It’s clean because you don’t have to worry about the nasty removal or the inhalation of the paint fumes while in the act of bombing. And it could potentially have repurposing potential as the pieces could, I suppose, be dismantled, portioned out into smaller pieces like a hat, sweater, or blanket for the homeless. I would contend that by those very three innovations on the old graffiti game, this is clearly the work of a woman. Men don’t think that far forward. How could we make civilly-responsible and environmentally-safe street art? How can we make street art that could be reused in a fashion that would benefit others after the piece itself is gone?My lovely wife, prior to the arrival of Ellison, took up crocheting as an activity to keep her hands busy when reading became too mundane during the pregnancy. Girl got really good. She began knocking out blankets and scarves. Made me a little jealous, actually. Girls, I think, are naturally agile in their hands. Their fingers are quick and can do repeated motions with ease. Men’s fingers are clumsy and stupid. We work better with hands. Our fingers work more as a collective unit, all in one motion. They rarely work well independently. Not only that, boys get bored easily. If they’re not chasing neighborhood animals to stone to death or chunking acorns at passing cars, it’s just not fun and boys tire quickly. The thought of taking a ball of yarn or multiple balls of different colored yarn and creating something with your own hands over the course of a month or even multiple months is an activity that would absolutely paralyze most boys with fear. The coolest thing about crocheting or knitting for me, though, is handmade gifts are the very best. Girls easily trump boys in the craft game and crocheting is an extension of that. Nana makes a blanket or prayer shaw for every new baby. Dawn, our good friend made an exclusive, all-black ski cap with earflaps for me as a birthday gift from my lovely wife. She made a custom Kindle cover for my lovely wife. Those are gifts with a heart and a soul. Guys would rather just go get a gift card or buy one made in China rather than Nana’s rocker.

Girls are cool because they’re knitting game is mad tight. They were born to do it and they do it well.

For more on yarn bombing, check out or


5 thoughts on “Girls are Cool…Here’s My Forty-Second Reason Why

  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for the shout out. My Grampsie taught her left handed gdaughter to crochet. Quite a gift! I enjoyed this so much. Mom/Nana

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  3. thorn says:

    >>Men don’t think that far forward.<< and women dont think, at all. Always good to be insulting, and reinforce old stereotypes. Get back in the kitchen idiot, you are making yarnbombers look terrible

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