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The “Food” Saga

I’m always convinced that you’re deliberately dealt the curviest path just to build character. You just don’t get it easy. I could sit here and complain endlessly about Ellison and the troubles and challenges that we’ve gone through in her earliest months but, make no mistake, it could’ve been much worse. The colic/severe cow’s milk allergy/bronchiolitis trifecta was like taking on three hurdles at a time. It wasn’t always pretty and sometimes we fell flat on our face, but at the end of it, Ellison’s healthy, loved and about to turn eight months old.

Our challenges continue, however. While the colic has subsided, the bronchiolitis is aggravated by the fact that the panhandle has received precisely .06″ of rain in over two months and we’re still battling some food issues. The bright side is that we’re not swapping pints of plasma for baby formula and I’m no longer having to sell my body on the boulevard in order to buy this magic pixie dust formula on the internet.

Our days of buying Nutramigen Lipil AA on the internet are officially suspended. I wouldn’t say they’re over. Nothing’s “over” in raising an baby. You’re never in the clear. You can never breathe easy. But, we’ve been reduced to buying Nutramigen Lipil. Plain ol’ Lipil. No “AA” designation. And check out the can. We got bunnies now. And a ribbon. And a gold reflective package. Definitely looks more like a consumer product…something you’d like to feed your baby versus the AA stuff that looks like something you throw on weeds to kill them at the root.

Still barely smells like anything you’d want to feed your child, much less milk. It smells like chicken broth gone bad. Something rancid. Something expired. I hate the way it smells. I don’t even bat an eye now when staring down the barrel of a loaded diaper, but the smell that comes from these bottles when feeding them almost makes me gag every time and Ellison goes crazy for this stuff. I guess it goes to prove that when it’s all you know, it’s probably tastes like cherry cheesecake.

We’re starting to tear into various solid foods which is definitely a lot more economical and more entertaining. Mom (the lovely wife) really whoops up the goodness. Apples and blueberries, chicken and vegetables, sweet potatoes. I’m always a little leery when you call it “chicken and vegetables” and you’re looking at something that looks a little more like something that the dog threw up, but that’s the baby food game. Ask Ellison if she cares.
Mondays are for whooping butt. Ellison’s ready. Mommy’s out walking at 5:45am. Daddy’s fueling up. World, here come the Wyricks.


One thought on “The “Food” Saga

  1. Adrianne says:

    I hope the new formula works out great! I can’t wait to get my baby off of alimentum. I’m tired of smelling like it!

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