Seven-Month Birthday

Let’s turn back the hands of time for a second. Let’s go back six months when Ellison Jayne was a limp little noodle who could barely keep her eyes open, moreover, do any cool tricks aside from activate her deafening scream and cry at any subtle motion. Yeah, she was really fun back then. Some kinda raging party. Here she is back then doing about the only pose possible…the lean (also known as the “I just fell from the sky” look).

Well, just yesterday, our little Ellison Jayne celebrated her seven-month birthday. Let’s take a look at where we are now that we turned over another month.

  • She’s pulling herself upward into a “standing position.” In fact, she just started doing it this week and now she wants to pull herself up on anything around her.
  • Sleep schedule is pretty predictable at this point. She goes down at 7:45pm and wakes up at 5:45am. Now, if I could get half the sleep time she’s getting, I’d be grand.
  • Starting to develop taste in foods. Most notably carrots, butternut squash, squash, bananas and sweet potatoes. Think we might have an allergy in there with the sweet potatoes. Jury’s still out.
  • She talks. All the time. Lots of “baba” which could mean “bath” or “Boston Red Sox.”
  • We’re starting to crawl a little bit. She’s learning that the knees are pivotal in learning to crawl. Still flails like a fish outta water, though.
  • She’s recovering well from her recent bout with RSV. Still a little cough and nasal clogs, but otherwise doing well.
  • She’s a drummer. She enjoys the tambourine and can keep rhythm pretty decently.
  • She’s a looker. She can light up the room. Here’s proof.


One thought on “Seven-Month Birthday

  1. Mom says:

    Ellison’s smile is dynamite. It’s amazing how it changes her whole demeanor. I can’t believe the blessing of having three such beautiful grandchildren.

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