Girls are Cool

Girls are Cool…Here’s My Thirty-Ninth Reason Why

According to a recent survey, only 15% of Americans its estimated cheat on their taxes. Of those, however, 64% are men. Including Wesley Snipes, Willie Nelson, Jermaine Dupri and that naked guy from “Survivor.” All men. Sure, there’s a Toni Braxton in there occasionally, but the majority of tax cheaters are men. Do we count tax “evasion” as “cheating”? Seems that “evasion” could sometimes be more negligence. Need to consult with Clint on that one. Like just not doing it is a lot different than doing it fraudulently, I would imagine.

I know in our house, the woman is the taxperson. She’s the point person for all the W-2s, 1040s, 1099s, getting ’em filed on time, paying the man (or in the case of this year, getting paid…thanks Ellison). She handles all of that because she knows that I’m so forgetful and never look past tomorrow that I’d forget it and we’d have two federal agents at our door come September wanting to take our TV right before the Red Sox win the World Series which every sports writer in America seems to have them doing this year.

I’m not sure I can derive anything else from the statistics than what it provides. Does the 64% being men mean that women are better at managing their money? Better at sticking to to-do lists? Better at big annual responsibilities? Does it mean that they’re more honest? I’m not sure. But 64% and 36% is statistically significant. Girls are cool because they’re less likely to cheat on their taxes.

And, just in time for the late rally to get your taxes filed and cheat the taxman (guys), it would seem appropriate to offer you some funk for the background. TheRootDown/Dr. Frankenstein/IKnowYouGotSole and yours truly presents: The Funk to File Your Taxes To Podcast. Comes in at just over an hour which should be plenty of time for you to screw up something. Click this right here to get started.


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