Pictures of Ellison

We’ll take a day’s break from talking about Jackson’s backside and underside for some snapshots. That’s what you want anyway. You can stop your whining and fussing. I know all my prose and words are just a white noise until you see photos of Ellison Jayne. You could care less about what I’m writing right now. That’s why, in possibly Raising Elle’s most unimaginable moment, I titled this post “Pictures of Ellison.” I wanted to title it something crafty and clever. Chances are it’d just be lost on scroll-happy gazers. In fact, likely you’ve already moved downward to start looking at pictures. That’s alright. In case you’re still reading, I must let you know how much it means to me that you actually read and not just scan for photos. The woe of Dad is that he’s usually in the way. My words are nuisances that only annoy and distract. Rarely am I photo’d even. I’m kinda like a director or stage manager. Mommy gets first dibbs on poses with Ellison. I’m usually third or fourth depending on how many grandparents/greats are present. The woe of Dad is that he normally is just kinda there for support. He wants so badly to jump into the action, but there’s nothing sweeter than a picture of Mommy and Ellison. I’m in the background. I’m waving my hands above my head and gyrating trying desperately to get Ellison to crack a smile. The woe of Dad is that rarely is he ready for photo ops because he’s too busy doing some other crap. Most of the time that’s Dad’s fault. He should be ready for photo ops at any time. You never know when the time will arise. This daddy ain’t used to always having to be on guard against Nanarazzi or any other camera-toting loved one. Nonetheless, we gotta couple worth keeping with Daddy. Enough of my moronic complaining. Here’s a roll of photos. I’ll shaddup now.

Bearded monster.

Unbearded monster/Sunday Morning Daddy

Always the best looker in the house. Just before we went to do portraits.

With Shar Shar at Daddy’s 34th birthday.

At Nana’s. And, just so you know, to the left of Ellison, is my youngest nephew Peyton getting his diaper changed.

Too young for this little buggy, but we insisted in posing her on it and pushing her around. She’s a good sport.

Nanarazzi never fails in getting her shot. I’m still healing from being in this position. Looks like Parker found a parking space for his tricycle. Yahtzee!

Me and my nephew Parker…the “pooper pointer”

Ellison with Gommy


2 thoughts on “Pictures of Ellison

  1. Oh my gosh, I also scrolled down to look at the pictures before reading the post! I couldn’t help it! Ellison is so cute! That blue flower dress is adorable!

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