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Corriendo por Ciudad Juarez

In a rare moment to use this space for something other than my baby Ellison, her development, the joys and frustrations of fatherhood or other rantings and ravings, I’d like to take just a fragment of your busy lives to ask for your help in my latest venture. Close to two years ago, my lovely wife and I tripped down to Juarez to help build a home for a family. When I say “home,” let’s be real. This was a two room structure that’s still no bigger than my kitchen and dining room…approximately 250 square feet. In it, a husband, wife and their four children now live with windows, two ceiling fans, four walls, a door with a lock and a roof over their head. It’s primitive living for us northerners, but for a family residing in the kilometers just south of Ciudad Juarez, it’s everything.

There’s no softening or putting a fresh coat of paint on the situation down in Juarez. The two cartels who currently battle for possession of this important port of entry have made Ciudad Juarez the most dangerous city in the entire world with more killings annually than the war-torn territories in the Middle East. This has resulted in mission communities struggling to reach and help the people of Ciudad Juarez who so greatly need aid and assistance. One outfit that presses onward in the face of great adversity and challenge is Casas Por Cristo. Their mission is simple. Build modest and sturdy structures for as many families living in Juarez and Acuna, Chihuahua.

I made the decision about two months ago to dedicate my running of the Memorial Day Marathon in Coeur d’Alene to the people of Juarez. And my goal is to raise enough money to build a home for a family living in Juarez. That’s $4,700. There’s 90 days until the marathon. The race is on. I have started a fundraising site (crowdrise.com/corriendojuarez/) where you an donate as little as $10 or as much as your heart is moved to contribute. CORRIENDO POR CIUDAD JUAREZ simply means “running for Juarez.” The logo you saw at the top is repeated on this shirt designed for the event bearing the colors of the Mexican flag and the team logo on the back.

It’s free with a most generous donation of $40 or more. They’re available in S, M, L, XL, XXL. Available while supplies last. To claim your shirt, just email your shirt size and address to j3ph@msn.com. Any donation would mean the world to this most worthy mission and the people of Juarez.

Ya’ll be good and stay up.


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