Girls are Cool

Girls are Cool…Here’s My Thirty-Third Reason Why

Boys are often delusional about their problem-solving abilities. Their innovative spirit and progressiveness usually leads them to a number of miscues and mishaps. Credit due for at least trying and not helplessly giving up and abandoning the automobile (like many hapless drivers in Amarillo did on Wednesday morning). When a lone man gets stuck, he’s more apt to think it through. Not panic. Be patient. Actually seek solution. I would contend that many men are logically equipped for for navigating through such predicaments. Concepts like “leverage,” “tension,” “acceleration,” “prying” and “wedging” come natural to most men because of their superior spacial skills and the natural ability to walk up to an automobile stuck in snow, water or mud, point at the car, point at an inanimate object, mumble a little, wave their arms and then, next thing you know, the car’s driving away. But when you get six or seven mongoloid men together looking at an Geo stuck in snow (an automobile that has no business even being out of the garage in inclement weather), competitiveness and innovation collide and the next thing you know, some tool is tying a strap to a back bumper and giving us Youtube gold. Men trying to “team-solve” usually leads to disaster. Men are naturally really bad teammates. That’s why bumpers fly, companies go bankrupt, bands break up, wars never end. When men work in a pack, the intelligence capacity plummets.

If the owner of this car was a sharply dressed woman, these idiots would’ve probably left only the rear-view mirror trying to get that car out of the snow. The stakes get a lot higher when it’s a pack of men fighting for the affection or adoration of a woman. Wanna see a man become a freaking zoo animal, give him an opportunity to impress a woman and surround him with five other guys.

Girls are cool because they’ll get those fingers to talking and they’ll call a professional. Probably a man. But a man who rides solo, has the equipment and puts food on his family’s table and beer in the fridge safely pulling people out of snow.


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