Five-Month Birthday

So, here’s where we were about three months ago at her two-month birthday. Still a little awkward sack of flour. Somewhat posable, but mainly she’d just lay there as you put inanimate objects near her like her dog named Dog. Like this photo, she’s near crying which is what she did for the entire two to three months. This happened to be one fraction of a second where she paused to catch her breath. Moments later, it was Elle’s bells and a bucket of tears.

Now, our little girl’s all growin’s up. She dwarfs Dog and, not only that, she’s tried to eat him whole. Seems he’s met his match in little Ellison.

Check out the chub on them feet. Man, my lovely wife is a sharp dresser…of herself and others. Girls are cool because they get up all nice and pretty.

Big month for the household. Accomplishments and milestones are beginning to be a weekly experience. It moves fast. And, apparently, Ellison seems to be a little early on everything. But like her Grandpa always says, “If you’re on time, you’re late.” So what did we learn this month about Ellison Jayne?
  1. Rolling over is coming easier. Still not fully there. She’s sleeping on her side, can do a push-up. We have her doing 50 push-ups a morning, but we allow for her to do them with her knees down like all the girlies do push-ups.
  2. Her language is developing nicely. Swore I heard her say “hi” through the monitor last night. Working on “Da-da” and “Ma-ma.” Hard to talk with a hand in your mouth though.
  3. She laughs now. It’s freaking awesome. Can’t imagine we’d go from cry-pocolypse to laughter that quickly. Usually occurs when you blow fart noises into her belly. That always gets a laugh outta her dad too.
  4. You can’t get her to stop smiling now. She’s always smiling. Had our bouts with “strangers” where she’d see family members, but it wasn’t bridging over in her memory and she’s burst out crying, but might be over that. That was a weird period. Not a lotta crying, but a whole lotta smiling.
  5. Typical night of sleep at this point is she’s goes down at 7:30pm and wakes up at 4:00am. If you’re counting at home, that’s a solid 8.5 hours. Unbelievable. Still gets up periodically in the middle of the night. Some nights this month she was up every hour. But typical night is 8.5 hours.
  6. Experienced our first snow this week when I took her out in the snowfall. Seemed to like it. That’s a good sign for having a skiing partner.
  7. Seems any “colic” symptoms have now completely subsided. Thank God.
Sorry I’ve been so distant lately. Lots going on at work. Lots going on at church. Beginning marathon training next week. Writing becomes difficult at times like this. Girls are cool tomorrow morning.
Subaru enjoyed it’s first snow. Man, I see why people fall in love with these cars. Named him Lemmy Speedwagon. Not because I’m a Motorhead fan, but because I like the name “Lemmy.” That’s the only reason why. I pulled up at a stop light and an identical Subaru pulled up next to me. I turn my head and the man driving looks at me and salutes…the ol’ two fingers from the eyebrow. Seems I just joined a club without knowing the handshake. It’s so fun to drive in the snow, you’re looking for a reason to.

4 thoughts on “Five-Month Birthday

  1. Adrianne says:

    At the two-month mark with my colicky baby. I read your site for hope. Glad to see your little one is over it. I can’t wait for laughter!! It’s going to be awesome.

    • j3 says:

      gets much better. you’re gonna feel like you’re the only parent of a colicky baby on the earth. there’s gonna be lonely times at home sitting on the back porch pulling your hair out. but it gets better. trust me. hang in there.

  2. Adrianne says:

    you’re right about the loneliness. i thought i was going to have a nervous breakdown. i read somewhere “there’s no treatment for colic. it’s the parents who need to be medicated.” i wish i could sit on my back porch, but it’s covered in 2 foot snowdrifts, and i’m counting down the days til spring. i hope that will coincide with the end of colic. my little one seems to be calming down….

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