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The Nutramigen AA Chase

Seems that Miss Ellison’s food tastes have become a bit more refined as she nears here third month birthday. After taking in a diaper to the doctor (how you provide a stool sample for babies, gentlemen) and they tested the diaper and discovered that she has a milk allergy. Man, put that one on the list for worst jobs: testing baby diapers. Right up there with unloading the dead animal drop-off shoot at Animal Control. So, we switched then from a some crazy Similac to some canned powder formula that still was agitating her and then, by the doc’s recommendation, to this stuff called “Nutramigen AA” which apparently comes from the only cow blessed by God (maybe the sacred cow) to make this stuff. I just hope he’s healthy, happy and huge.

You know, Ellison’s gone from the breast, to Similac, to special Similac, to powder, to Nutramigen AA and when you’re getting food for your baby at a pharmacy, you got reason to worry. This stuff ain’t cheap. In fact, I’ll put it this way, she’s eating about twice as good as my lovely wife and I combined. Anything for that angel, though. Just hoping that this milk allergy passes quickly and we can get back to regular ol’ food.

There was a little label confusion when we first started feeding her this stuff. I read the label quickly and read the line “Severe Cow’s Milk Protein” and wondered what in the hell a “severe cow” was. Yeah, for $45 bucks a can, you’re damn right that cow is “severe.” I thought maybe the severe cow was half dragon and half cow. Like maybe the behemoth that was described in the Book of Job.

Turns out that I read the label wrong. That’d be a formula that’s “Nutritionally Complete for Infants & Toddlers with Severe Cow’s Milk Protein & Multiple Food Allergies.” Gotcha. So there’s no severe cow?

I’m tired, we just had a baby. Shaddup and leave me alone. With no help from insurance though, the doctor’s writing a letter to see if we can overrule their decision and get it at least partially covered so that we don’t have to pay through the nose to feed our baby. Not that I wouldn’t say that we’re not blessed with a beautiful and happy baby. There’s tons worse situations and circumstances that we could be going through with an infant. We’re truly blessed. But if insurance deems that a baby eating is not necessary to sustaining its life, we’ll have to go to the open market and see what we can find out there. Apparently, this stuff’s traded like prisoners trade ramen. You can find it out there on Ebay fairly easily, but expect to donate plasma to pay for shipping. Donate a couple of times.

Yeah, the Nutra Chase ain’t for the faint of heart. It takes dedication, a serious hustle and nerves of steel. You don’t wanna buy too deep, though, on stock because that girl could outgrow that allergy next week and you’ve tied up your cash in  case of this crap and then you’re heading to Ebay to ditch this stuff like it’s some sort of contraband. Praying for either insurance to have a freaking heart (and realize that I never use my freaking insurance) or that she’ll outgrow this funky allergy soon. Her diapers now are worth at least $6.00. Wonder if we sent them into insurance, if they’d refund us back what we think they’re worth.

In an unrelated note, her exposure this week includes some pretty choice selections.

She’s taken a pretty fond liking to the soundtrack to The Harder They Come. Fantastic reggae. A little more upbeat than Marley. I think this girl likes to get down. Slow stuff doesn’t really work for her. She sleeps to Fela Kuti which is some frantic 100-BPM. Other choices for this week include classic Outkast. De La Soul’s masterful Buhloone Mindstate. Beautiful record. Lafayette Afro Rock Band…great funk stuff. Rahsaan Roland Kirk because I’ve determined that the saxophone is among her favorite instruments. DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing. Jel’s 10 Seconds. Some fun latino ish…Ray Barreto’s Acid. That record is the balls. And some Ron Carter and Eric Dolphy. Again, more saxophone for Ellison.

Nutra Chase 2010: Y’don’t grind, y’don’t shine.


3 thoughts on “The Nutramigen AA Chase

    • j3 says:

      Nutramigen did the trick…we were on AA for a bit. The expensive stuff. Scour the internet. That’s where it’s the cheapest. IN the end, it worked. Probably through the allergy at this point, but still not on full milk yet until we hit a year old as a precaution. Good luck. Hang in there.

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