Two-Month Birthday

This is what Ellison Jayne used to look like.

And this is what she looks like now:

Yep, she’s getting older. Getting bigger. Been a huge month for Miss Ellison. Got baptized. Met a ton of folks. Starting to travel around town with her mother and her pa. Let’s recap what we learned this month.

1)  She likes Fela Kuti. Like a lot. She graduated out of Bob Marley. Probably a good thing. Everyone likes Bob Marley. Fela will make her the coolest kid in class.

2)  We diagnosed her with colic. Cries for long periods of time. It’s common in little ones until they’re about three months old. Meanwhile, her parents have learned to live with it. Her mother’s a champ at it. A little more difficult for me since I’m not used to spending entire days around it.

3)  She stares into the camera on purpose, not just accidentally.

4)  She coos and is more expressive in her speech. It’s not just a explosive scream anymore.

5)  Her clothes have a lot more snaps to them. Annoying. Really annoying. I like when we could just put her in a sock and get wit it.

6)  She reacts to mommy much more positively than daddy. She thinks her mother’s like crazy funny. My material doesn’t really get a reaction. My humor must be too intelligent because I’m damn funny.

7)  Ellison Jayne’s freaking strong. She kicked me in the abdomen the other day and it almost produced a tear. She’s got a Vulcan hand grip too. Future bass player? Hard to say, but I’m monitoring the hand development.

8)  She follows sounds around her with her eyes.

9)  She laughs.

This time a month ago, my lovely wife and I were celebrating Ellison’s birthday in a hospital room. Crazy month. Within this next month, Ellison will make her first trip to day care…a day both of us are dreading. I never put much weight in the “they grow up so fast” comments from experienced parents, but it’s true. Here we are just a month away from sending her off to school for the first time. Should be crazy interesting.


One thought on “Two-Month Birthday

  1. Bro Bro says:

    Good thing about daycare at this point is that she may not cry when you leave yet. But man…when she’s big enough to make a break for the door when you leave, that’s brutal.

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