Girls are Cool

Girls are Cool…Here’s My Twentieth Reason

Girls are cool because they live longer. The proof is in the pudding. The latest study shows that women live 80.8 years on average and men live an average of 75.7. And while most men might contend that it’s because we live harder lives, working, sweating and slaving to put food on the table, that’s a diminishing reality. Women have made incredible strides in the professional workplace since that argument had any sort of value. The truth is men smoke more, drink more, base-jump more, find themselves in less savory circumstances more like running from a Kodiak bear with nothing but your pajama bottoms and panties at your ankles…more. Men get in more traffic accidents because men more often live under the delusion that they’re freaking Nascar drivers. Men are involved in more assaults, more murders and more DUIs. In my studies for Girls are Cool (which, admittedly, often just involves a quick sweep of Wikipedia), I’m finding that men’s often idiotic and moronic actions are somehow correlated to their perceived inadequacies next to their female counterparts. Would men take more risks if they weren’t so inferior to women? Something embeds itself in the psyche of men that pushes them and drives them often to shamefully dangerous exhibitions. Why? I think there’s something there, but I’m no psychologist.

This Friday, though, it’s not about men and why they try so desperately to win the affection of a womanly heart. Nope. I dedicate this column to my two lovely grandmothers. Ya’ll are the best. Enduring. Loving. Spiritually fulfilled. And still fiery when you need to be. My grandmothers are rocks for not only myself, but my lovely wife and now Baby Ellison Jayne. I’m blessed to have two incredible women in my life.

Girls are cool because they’re built to last.


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