Daily Operation

One Month Birthday

The one-month mark for Ellison has shown us a few things:

1)  She can sleep four hours at a time at night. It’s possible. Doesn’t always happen, but it can.

2)  She can hold her head up and can turn it toward sounds.

3)  She can follow objects with her eyes.

4)  She can fill a diaper with the best of ’em.

5)  She has a fleeting fondness for Bob Marley and music that people get stoned to.

She had to spend her birthday surrounded by grandparents, but not her mama. We were in the hospital. Pretty scary stuff. Blood clots in mama’s lungs gave us a pretty heady weekend. We got her on some killer medication, I’m injecting her with a syringe twice a day for three days and then a pill a day for six months and slight modifications to her diet. No breastfeeding. She’s gonna be alright but took some crazy prayers and some close eyes in the ER. I gotta say, it only takes one doctor to save a life. Had we gone home on Thursday with ibuprofen only, it could’ve been disastrous. We’ll just say, thank God someone questioned, challenged and didn’t settle for what everyone was telling him. His second-guessing laid us up in the hospital all weekend, but gave my lovely wife back to Ellison and I safely. That’s a birthday gift better than anything in the world for little Ellison. No better way to say it, she’s happy as hell to have her mother back in the house.

I’m relaxing with a slightly warm Lagunitas India pale ale. Trying to collect my thoughts before heading back into work tomorrow.

Love on your wife, fellas. You need her more than you could possibly realize.

And if you have a moment, check out the new runners’ log: I Know You Got Sole. Like I didn’t have enough to do already.


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