Girls are Cool

Girls are Cool…Here’s My Fifteenth Reason

Make no mistake, girls are expensive. From beauty and hair products, clothes and accessories alone, they’re freaking expensive. I know that already and my girl still wears something more similar to a wash rag or shirt sleeve than an outfit. I shave my head, use two bottles of generic shampoo a year, wear a pair of shorts for close to seven years and have a toiletry kit that includes three things: deodorant, toothpaste and a toothbrush. That’s hella cheap.

But when it comes to driving, girls are cool because they get cheaper insurance as drivers. In the collective eyes of the public, there’s much debate of this point. You always hear how bad girl/women drivers are. Typically ads discouraging texting while driving features young female drivers maybe suggesting that it’s an epidemic heavily attributed to females and not so much in males. The depiction of a cute little teenager unknowingly hopping a curb in her earthcrusher taking out a fire hydrant, a street sign and nearly killing a 90-year old pedestrian is parody yes, but it’s an image that has permeated our culture. We largely believe that girls are more negligent as drivers.

Whether that’s true or not, insurance companies hold a much different impression of female drivers as it relates to their male counterparts. While females might be slightly negligent or careless behind the wheel, guys do stupid exhibitionist crap like Vin Diesel-Tokyo Drift here:

Peep the excitement flying through the kiddo at the 1:30 mark in the red shirt and white sneakers. The fact that boys get that stoked about a dude doing donuts in a Subaru is just further validation of why insurance premiums are higher for boys.

Sure, it goes much deeper though. In a 2009 study, an overwhelming larger percentage of men admitted to “road rage” or retribution even though studies have proven higher driver’s stress levels in women. Additionally, four out of five drunk driving crashes still involve men drivers. Almost two-thirds of seatbelt violation tickets are written to male drivers. Men are more aggressive, more fearless and clearly the bigger assholes when behind the wheel of a car. It’s the curse of your lowest denomination. I have two rubs in my driving history and my last one was when I was 21. That’s 12 years without an infraction of any sort and yet when I pull up at any intersection in the Panhandle, I have some dimwitted cowboy trying to race me in my four-cylinder Civic like freaking American Graffiti.

Still, the gap in insurance is narrowing as girls are developing some foul driving habits and are more distracted while driving thanks to an assortment of electronic devices. Girls are more sociable so naturally texting while driving will, in fact, be a greater problem amongst girls. But as laws are put in place banning such practice, time will tell if driving habits improve or if girls violate the law in the same way that men are prone to bend laws of drunk driving.

But this week’s reason why girls are cool is because they can watch Fast and Furious and not come out trying to race every golf cart, Kia or moped like kids coming out of Karate Kid doing the crane. Because that, they get cheaper insurance.


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