Daily Operation

It’s a Daily Operation, F’real

Ellison made her first visit to the pediatrician yesterday. All’s well. She’s still 20″ long and her weight has surpassed her birth weight which is precisely what we were hoping for. She’s at 6 pounds and 10 ounces. That’s the fifth percentile in weight, but about twenty-fifth in length. She’s got that Richards frame, methinks. Everything looked good, though, with one exception. The belly button. Most of it had fallen off (which I seized before the dogs started fighting over it…wouldn’t had been much of fight given that it’s the size of a Skittle). Yeah, that’s it right there.

Pretty disgusting, but parenthood isn’t always smiles and kisses. When you’re at the hospital and they tell you that the last of her umbilical cord is going to fall off in about a week or so, you start looking at that thing like it’s some sort of venomous snake that will jump off in the middle of the night, crawl into bed with you, stick its fangs into your leg causing it to swell to the size of an elephant trunk just before you die miserably and embarrassingly in some freakish sideshow state. Then, it just pops off. Not only did it not come to kill you, you can’t even find it. It took me about five minutes to locate it in the nursery. It’s unmistakable when you find it though. You’d think with all of the awesome stuff achieved by science and medicine, they’d improve on the means by which the last bit of the umbilical cord exits the freeway. Kinda looks like a booger during cold season.

Saw George “Atomic Dog” Clinton at our church’s dog show and got this photo as proof.

Musical exposure for the week looks like this stack. That’s a diaper bag of funk, kid. A little Pete Rock and CL Smooth. Been about five years since I’ve listened to that record. Couple of Shadow and Cut Chemist sets, Madlib’s remix of the Percee P record, Count Bass D, Blockhead. Some other stuff. That Dap stuff is just ill. Very lush. Black Keys, Darwin’s Theory, Mingus, Steely Dan, Donald Byrd.

This is some pretty heady listening for a young’un. Haven’t struck out yet. Ever see a diaper sausage yet? Not the kind that I used to make when I was a kiddo. But a sausage made of diapers…it looks like this.

This is the beauty of the Diaper Genie. It basically compresses used diapers into a thigh-high canister and you tie off the sausage when either the plastic begins to to bulge in the middle or the displeasurable stink of about 80 loaded diapers overcomes you. This girl puts in work from her nether regions. Daily operation, ya’ll. Well, a complete sausage takes days, weeks to achieve, but, well…you get it. Whatever. Happy Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Daily Operation, F’real

  1. Patricia says:

    So, I am making a prediction. Now instead of the “just wait” comments people will start asking you, “So, when’s the next one?” Let me know the first time it happens. It shouldn’t take too long.

  2. Gr-un-wa says:

    So I was gonna offer some sage wisdom like everything is blissful with baby till the poop starts to stink but YBTDT. You are totally intrenched (or is that drenched) as I see or is it, you are up to your genie weenie in #1s, #2s and combos. I’m enjoying all your stuff, you have a great style. Your uncle by law W

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