Administrator’s Note: Content Rating System for BOOGIEMPORIUM

Given my line of work, I’ve always had to live with the fact that I’m putting clothes on my child and a roof over our head by selling nasty rap records to juveniles, contributing to their delinquency and then who will inevitably see my lovely wife in the Texas Juvenile Justice System on the other side of a desk explaining why it’s wrong to call their teacher a “b___c” or why it’s illegal to take a hand cannon to school like you’re Snoop Dogg. Yes, even if it’s not loaded. It’s like selling cigarettes to 14 year olds. You can pretty much guarantee that if you don’t sell ’em to them, someone else will. Doesn’t make it right, sure. I realize that. So, in an effort to win points back with my lovely wife and not mislead any readers who might take my album endorsements as an endorsement of the content contained therein, I’m not putting into effect a content rating system for the BOOGIEMPORIUM. The content rating system will be used in cooperation with the number of Dirties which rate the quality of the recording itself. For instance, five Dirties and a Rufus mean that not only is it the greatest recording ever made, it’s virtually free of any pollutants too so you don’t have to worry about your kiddo hearing something he/she shouldn’t.

So, here’s the new content rating system Rufus is the most ideal for kiddos and Too $hort, well, Short Dog’s only for adults, homie.

We’re all about social responsibility and accountability. It’s the new style.


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