Journey to the Center of the Girth

It’s been some time, it seems, since we last peeked in on little Ellison. Last time we saw her, it looked a little more like something from a science fiction movie than our unborn child. We were told we were having a girl and the lady pointed out something on the screen that indicated such and then we were on our way. Now, with just seven/six weeks remaining, the game changes a bit. This time, we really get to check her out. She’s 4 lbs and 9 oz which was just short of my estimate of 4.75 lbs. She’ll be putting on up to half a pound per week at this point. Her current weight puts her in the 44th percentile. If this was school, you’re damn right I’d be upset. But this puts her just on the smaller side of average. Perfect.

First things first, though, we confirmed she was still a girl, er, well, the nurse confirmed she was still a girl by labeling the girl parts on the screen. Amazing how clear it is to people who do it everyday. I have no clue what she’s pointing at. Of course, she told us. Like seventh grade, I stopped listening somewhere between “clitoris” and “labia.” It’s an old coping mechanism. Guess I’ll have to find a better way to adjust to those kinda discussions. Anyhow, here is the clear and apparent photo which tipped off our nurse while we looked on and just nodded our head like, “Of course, it’s a girl. Because of that little blob.”

And thanks for labeling the foot. That and the face were the two most obvious pictures in the whole reel. Yeah, I got this. That’s a good looking foot. I’d say somewhere in between Mary Lou Retton and Lisa Leslie. Good size.

Then we rolled the little dilly all over my lovely wife’s pregnant belly looking for Ellison’s little face. Turned a couple of corner and there she was. Appears to be asleep. And bearded. Nurse said that Ellison’s got a lot of hair. Again, I’m glad she told me so because I see a lot of what looks like hair. And some on her chin. As I’ve found in my research, that’s more likely to be a cheesy substance called vernix which protects the baby’s skin. It’s like a cheese beard. Here she is.

All’s well beyond that. Spent only about three minutes with Miles Davis this morning. He’s quick. Efficient. Thorough. He said that everything is it should be. Three minutes this late in the third trimester, I think, it’s pretty impressive. That’s barely even the length of a network commercial break. And, not that it means anything, but he shook my hand first when he came in the door today. Maybe we turned a corner in our relationship. Maybe that’s his validation of me as “father.” Maybe he just had a Monday morning-lapse.

From NYC, Sox took two outta four in the Bronx this weekend maintaining a -6 position in the AL East. Good for third place. Looking for the Rays to die off like we’ve seen them capable of in the past. They’re still playing good baseball.


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