Girls are Cool

Girls are Cool…Here’s My Seventh Reason

It’s Friday and that means only one thing here at Raising Elle…

Girls are cool. They’re cool for many reasons, but today, they’re cool because they smell good. I didn’t date a lot in high school so I really didn’t know how good girls smelled until I met my now-lovely wife and mothership. The only girl I dated in high school didn’t really have a definitive scent. At least not one that I can remember. When I met my lovely wife in college though, the whole game changed. She had crazy hand lotions, body sprays, perfumes, lip balms, bath soaps. They all smelled really good. This is when I was introduced to the world of Bath and Body Works. Plumeria. Cucumber Melon. Sweet Pea. Juniper Breeze. Girls get all the goods. Even James Bond knows it.

He’s powerless to the scent of a woman. It’s the only thing he’s powerless against. There’s an industry though that targets specifically girls’ needs to smell good. The perfume industry is an annual $6 billion industry in the US alone. There’s an expectation that girls should smell good. That’s a good thing. Because, conversely, there’s the expectation that boys smell bad. Remember that kid in third grade that had a body odor problem. Yep, it was a boy. He smelled like some sort of rancid casserole and tried with all of his might to extinguish it with Drakkar Noir or Brüt.

I remember this cat in high school that just stunk. He smelled like he got jumped by a pack of wet skunk carcasses. And, to boot, dude had a breath issue. Not that he couldn’t breathe, but that he could and it was like he always just finished drinking a tall pot of three-to-one coffee. I felt bad for him, but the funniest part is that he always got the ladies. Never understood that. That’s besides the point, though. He had an issue. Lots of boys do. Boys are the last to find out the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant. Boys are the last to splurge for that $40 vile of cologne. Boys don’t care too much about hygiene until, of course, they begin pursuing girlies. That’s because they know that, in their hunt, girls don’t stand for stink. Their standards are much higher except for the aforementioned. Hell, I haven’t worn cologne in over a decade. It’s just not my gig. Not that I don’t like to smell good for my lovely wife, but a good bath soap, couple swipes of antiperspirant and semi-daily brush of the teeth suffices. I’m not desperate to walk around with a scent tail that lingers wherever I go. And if I do happen to leave drag a tail through the office, it ain’t nuttin nice. Trust me.

Girls are cool because they smell like flowers.

I’ve been mad busy, folks. We’re in ramp-up mode. It doesn’t stop from here on in. My apologies to my twelve readers for going a week without an update. You certainly deserve better than that.


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