Daily Operation

Starting the Eighth Month

Went in to see Dr. Miles Davis today for our eighth month checkup. My lovely wife Erin expressed to me today that she truly feels like she’s just the mothership now. The day-to-day aches and pains are outweighing the joys of carrying a little baby. Ellison’s taking on weight, taking on size and still punching like Rocky Balboa. She’s in the inverted position with her head down and butt up. Movement has lessened with her increased size. She’s all ready to go. Go back in two weeks for our second sonogram. This is when pregnancy truly becomes an endurance sport.

A co-worker asked me if I’m ready after I got back from the doc and the first answer that came to mind was, “No way in hell.” It comes and goes. The anxieties certainly started uptrending after the shower two weekends ago in Dallas. Seeing consumer packaging with a little babies on the front is when it really hit me. Oh crap, we’re having a baby.

Up to this point, it’s like we were going through some sort of drill. Like we were getting the house ready to sell. Fresh coat of paint, stage it with some furniture, organize the cabinets, get ride of some CDs and books to create larger storage spaces. Then baby stuff starts arriving. Now it’s starting to really become real. Of course, ask my lovely wife who has been carrying that girl for the last seven months and it’s never felt anything but real. Suppose that’s where the male experience differs.

At least I don’t have to worry about a Red Sox playoff game interfering with daddy biz come early October. This team just sucks. They’re not championship caliber. They’re not even first-round playoff caliber. Of course, in all fairness to the Sox, they’re playing .560 baseball right now which would be good enough to win the AL Central or the NL Central and probably good enough to win a couple others when all is said and done, but they’re still 8 games back in the East with both the Yanks and Rays ahead of them. Add to it that this is probably the most quiet that the Sox have been as the trade deadline nears, it would appear that they’re not prepared to do anything about it except count on a Rays fallout that lands them in third place in the East and then we take Wild Card. Not sure that’s a solid plan.

Of course, nice watching them beat the Angels in Anaheim or Los Angeles or wherever and Youkilis firing a line drive off the arm of the newly acquired Dan Haren knocking him out of the game. Rangers, you can thank us whenever.

It’s Tuesday. One day closer. Ya’ll be good.


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