Girls are Cool

Girls are Cool…Here’s My Fourth Reason

Daddy never did too well in school. It simply wasn’t my forte. Sitting down, remaining still, staying focused, comprehension, retainment, test-taking. I don’t consider myself dumb, necessarily, but the scholastic setting was a challenge for me. Turns out that my scholastic shortcomings might not have been entirely because I was a nincompoop, but might’ve been related to my gender characteristics.

Recent statistics have shown that boys are lagging in the classroom at an alarming rate and, meanwhile, girls are accelerating in the education system and surpassing them in many key educational metrics. There’s many suggestions why, but the truth behind the trends are still largely unknown. Some suggest it’s related to the more distractions that boys face. There are so many more opportunities for extracurricular activities for boys than girls and that these diverting interests lead to overall lower test scores. Others attribute the trend to a simple misunderstanding of boys’ needs in the classroom setting. In a book I was reading, the author theorizes that the educational system largely does not understand boys’ energy levels and behaviors and, because of this, it actually defeats the boys and their nature. They’re more likely to get in trouble, twice as more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD and it’s, as this author explains, their nature as boys.

Girls, meanwhile, tend to thrive in the educational setting. They’re more attentive and less distractive overall and this is conducive to academic growth and vitality. It’s perhaps the reason why the dropout rate in boys is 35% and growing while dropout rate is 28% in girls and is shrinking. While the instances of the “genius” classification is still generally higher in boys, overall average aptitude test scores are higher in girls.

Perhaps the popular depictions of high school girls are not quite as accurate as we once gave them credit for being.Girls are less Kelly Kapowski and more Jessie Spano. Driven, achieved, scholarly. And contrary to now popular belief, less likely to become addicted to caffeine pills.

One report found that from grade school through college, girls currently receive higher grades and obtain higher class ranks and also receive more honors in every field except science and sports. “On standardized achievement tests, females typically surpass males in writing ability, reading achievement, and certain other verbal skills while males surpass females in science and mathematics. In the general population of males and females, however, sex differences in achievement tests are typically small – except for the big female advantage in writing” (J. Kleinfeld).

It continues: “The representation of American girls as apprehensive and academically diminished is not true to the facts. Girls, allegedly so timorous and lacking in confidence, now outnumber boys in student government, in honor societies, on school newspapers, and even in debating clubs. Only in sports are the boys still ahead, and women’s groups are targeting the sports gap with a vengeance…Girls read more books. They outperform males on tests of artistic and musical ability. More girls than boys study abroad. Conversely, more boys than girls are suspended from school. More are held back and more drop out. Boys are three times as likely as girls to be enrolled in special education programs and four times as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. The over-representation of males in special education classes and in virtually every other category of emotional, behavioral, or neurological impairment is undisputed.”

Does such findings suggest holistically that girls are smarter? Nope, I grew up with crazy-smart dudes. Chris, Steve, uh, Dale…okay just three, but they were damn smart. I had my moments, but safe to say, I was largely eclipsed by many of my female classmates. Dem girls are smart.

Girls are cool because they know what time it is.


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