Daily Operation

Peyton’s Arrival

Man, all in a day’s work.

Woke up this morning, went to work, worked a half day, drove four hours, watched my newest nephew arrive at 6:30 this evening, enjoyed a nice Dos Equis lager with my father and now sitting here typing about it. That’s a nice full day. And I’ll run at 06:00. Short run.

Thanks to Todd and Sarah for giving me the gift of unclehood not once but twice. Freaking fun stuff.

Guess we’ll be next in line with Ellison.

Gotta lot of favorable responses to the name “Ellison.” A while back my lovely wife and I figured that when you stump the “60,000 Baby Name” Book which was cheaper than the 40,000-name book. Suppose this one was quantity over quality. Turns out that we didn’t even use a name from the book. We went with Ellison which is, uh, Welsh. It combines “Allison” and “Elle.” It means baluster. We made up the name, we make up the meaning. Serious, google it. It’s a last name, yes, but almost no one with it as a first name. I figure that if you buy the name book and it has 60,000 names in it and you don’t use a name in there, you should get a refund. I mean, with 60,000 names in there, you’re likely to pick one in there. Now, unless you name your kid Butthole, Carpet or Toyota, you’re likely to pick a name from that book. If, in the case you don’t and the kid’s name isn’t “Dances With Wolves,” I think you’re due a refund.

To test the name, though, my wife went through a qualification process in which she had me type the names out in different fonts in Photoshop. I thought it was a bit peculiar, but figured that I would entertain her. I found something odd about the process. In the right font, almost any name seems like a good idea.

Despite that, Ellison still looks damn good in even Helvetica. It just works. Thought that the name was going to be the hardest part of the process. Turned out, deciding what to do in her room is even harder.

My process of selection comes from more taking the name and announcing it like royalty with a British accent or announce it like a supreme court judge. When we didn’t know boy or girl, I would practice boy names following the phrase, “Now pitching for the Boston Red Sox, left-hander ________ Wyrick.” And you speak them into your closed hand for baseball. It helps recreate the sound of a PA system.

Long day. Lovely wife/mothership now sleeping peacefully. Ellison seems to be a night owl.


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