Daily Operation

More Strollers Rolling Onto Subway Tracks

So I’m watching the Today Show and, again, in Australia, another stroller rolls off of concourse falling in frontof an incoming subway train. Is it something about strollers or something about Australia?

Peyton, my second nephew from the Todd Wyrick family is being evicted…from the womb. Papers are being served to him this morning. They had to go in at 4:00AM for preparation. That’s freaking early. Makes me wonder what magical hour Ellison will decide to enter our lives. My lovely wife is no early bird.

Tucker has decided that he can’t deal with thunderstorms anymore. Dude col’ freaks out. The other day, over just a lightning storm, he came into the bedroom panting, whining and shaking. Never did it before until this biblical hailstorm the other day. And here we are trying to teach our beagles “inside voices” as we enter parenthood. Guess Ellison’s gonna have to learn to live with two noisy brothers. My lovely wife put him up for sale on Facebook yesterday and we got an offer from a friend for a million dollars. I reminded him that Tucker eats his own feces. Not sure what discount is given for a dog that can’t resist his own piles.

Celtics can’t seem to finish off the Magic and now they’re all beat up. Davis has a concussion. Daniels has a concussion. Rasheed left the game limping. They’re probably going to have to amputate it. Scalabrini’s still in street clothes. Dude’s gonna have to suit up. We gotta finish these cats off. The first three games I felt sorry for Stan Van Gundy. An awkward little fat man who dresses badly and is outshined by his ugly brother who has a cozy commentator’s job.When Stan gets fussy, he’s about as awkward as a fart at a funeral. And I always wonder how much his players respect him. Sometimes you’ll hear Dwight Howard in post game interviews go into this “Stan” voice and it makes you wonder if there’s a kinda PJ Carlesimo relationship between the players and him. Like, if it came to it, Dwight would drop everything and choke him out. Don’t feel sorry for him anymore. And wish ill on Dwight “Elbows” Howard. When this dude starts swinging, he’s not only ending nights, he’s ending careers. Celtics have some tough bodies, but when you take a shot to the head and it takes you outta commission, how tough you are doesn’t really matter because you’re wearing Sunday school shoes come game time.

In the meantime, Sox swept the Rays. Shhhhhh. The Sox are surging. Don’t tell anyone. They’ve won eight of their last nine including two of three in Philly and now three in Tampa against the “best team in baseball”–moving from fourth to third place.


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