Daily Operation

Get Yo Tote On

You asked us at The Root Down for more consumer products. You said, “Hey man, why don’t you make something that I can use. Something that I can put all of the crap I buy into?” Someone else remarked, “I wanna represent The Root Down everywhere I go. Help a brotha out.” Well, you spoke. Some of you even screamed and threatened. And we listened. Distinguished ladies and fellas, here it is. The Official Root Down tote.

It’s a fine product which is perfect for those quick trips to your local grocer for them 20 packets of Ramen to get you through the month. Or even heading to the record store to drop half a hundred on vinyl like I did the other day. Perhaps, you’re taking the tike to the pool and need something to carry the sunscreen, those weird floaty thingys you put on the their arms, a towel. Here it is. Rep hard at the playground. At the daycare. The library. The uses are practically endless. Cut out the bottom and it’s a spaghetti top. Actually, probably more fettucini than spaghetti. It’s a sturdy canvas whose front side features the new block letter steez burned into its face and the back carrying the old mantra. And, for a week, I’m offering it out at a mad reasonable $13. Think of all the things you can’t do for $13.

Yeah, son, this is the real deal right here. Recognize. Just click either of the images to get yo patronage on.


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