Daily Operation

Get Fly…Courtesy of Rhymesayers, Of Course.

For now more than a decade, Rhymesayers has been slanging illness to the masses. And like a name you can count on, a nice package from J-Bird at RSE arrived today revealing three beautiful onesies that I think will look fantastic on Baby Ellison. I’m pretty convinced that I need to design a onesie for The Root Down. It’s a dope canvas for design elements. Must think about what would look striking on a onesie. Speaking of, I reduced the price on the official The Root Down tote. More on that later.

All I know is that my dogs are freaking fat…most specifically the beagle known as Tucker who somewhere along the road to where we are now has gorged himself to a whopping 42 lbs. Now, I’ve tried to explain to our vet that dude’s just a big beagle and that’s he’s probably closer to a basset hound than a beagle, but it says on his papers that he’s a beagle. You can’t be a 42 lbs beagle. The average weight for the breed is 20-22 pounds. Again, Tucker’s closer to a basset and Jax is closer to a labrador. You’d be hard pressed to say my dogs are overweight. But to satisfy the vet, this dog cannot put on any more weight.

Thinking about getting him a job though. Something that gets him out of the house. Maybe selling cigarettes to minors or maybe hooking him up with a job with the dog that goes around cleaning up dog crap. Better to pick it up and put it in a compost pile than to eat it, I suppose.


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